We Are All About Entertainment

At 8 PM, we will create an Ultimate Party Vibe!

We are more than a party planner – we turn visions into reality!

We Are All About Entertainment

At 8 PM, we will create an Ultimate Party Vibe!

We are more than a party planner – we turn visions into reality!

Fun-Filled Events from Premiere Event Management Company in Abu Dhabi

Event Management Company in Abu Dhabi

Eight PM Events, the top event management company in Abu Dhabi, offers various exciting events that will surely please your mind and refresh your soul. From parties to reservations at exclusive clubs, our speciality ensures you have the best moments.

We ensure that every aspect of your event – VIP table reservation, nightclub event, or gala- is properly planned and flawlessly executed. Hence, Eight PM Events is preferred for individuals looking for extensive entertainment in Abu Dhabi.

Club Events: Where Nightlife Comes Alive

As the best event organiser in Abu Dhabi Eight PM Events, we ensure every event is exciting. We offer various club events to suit all preferences, so there’s bound to be something fun for everyone.

  • Themed Parties: Book-themed parties at some of the best nightclubs in Abu Dhabi, where attendees can dress up and get transported into a world of fantasy and pleasure. Book any themed events on our website – from futuristic galas to throwback retro events.
Event Management Company in Abu Dhabi

DJ Nights: Book DJ nights at the best nightclubs in Abu Dhabi, where you can feel the excitement of dancing with the stars. We increase the excitement by bringing world-class DJs, bands, and performers to grace our stages.
VIP Experiences: With exclusive amenities, lounges, and service, experience the VIP services that will enhance your night. We ensure our guests feel like royalty, whether that means bottle service, reserved seating, or VIP access.
Live Performances: Enjoy live entertainment and music from our talented artists. Our club nights feature the best party in regional and global talent – from live bands to amazing dancers.
Special Events & Collaborations: Stay tuned for our upcoming events and partnerships, where we work with influencers, artists, and brands to create one-of-a-kind experiences.

With our varied selection of club events, Eight PM Events – the best event management company in Abu Dhabi, is committed to bringing the nightlife to life. Come along for a once-in-a-lifetime experience in Abu Dhabi’s exciting nightlife centre.

Event Management Company in Abu Dhabi

Pool Party Events: Making a Splash in Style

Being the top event management company in Abu Dhabi, Eight PM Events specialises in hosting pool party events in Abu Dhabi. Our pool parties are not just about cooling off in the water. As the best event organisers in Abu Dhabi, we ensure that our guests experience a vibrant, energetic atmosphere where they can let loose and enjoy themselves to the fullest.

From sun-kissed poolside oasis to complete with trendy décor, comfortable loungers, and ultimate bangers, we ensure setting the mood for the party in a manner that exceeds one’s expectations. Our mixologists craft the perfect hand-blended cocktails for a customised taste. Our gourmet food stations will mesmerise you with the authentic Arabian smell and taste mixed with international cuisines.

Whether you love lounging by the pool, dancing to the rhythm of the music, or spending time with your fellow party-goers, we organise the best pool parties as the best event agency in Abu Dhabi.

It’s time to soak up the sun, cool off in the water, and create memories. So grab your swimsuit, gather your friends, and get ready to make a splash in style at Eight PM Events’ pool party events.

DJ Nights: Setting the Dance Floor on Fire

As the renowned event management company in Abu Dhabi, our DJ Nights are known for setting the dance floor on fire, igniting a euphoric atmosphere that keeps the party going all night. With several talented DJs spinning the latest bangers and timeless classics, our events pull you like a magnet. From electrifying beats to energy, our DJ Nights promise an experience where you can lose yourselves in the party and have the best party night.

Event Management Company in Abu Dhabi

8PM Events Brings you

Paella Night

Don’t miss Paella Night on Feb 16th at Bravo, Abu Dhabi, by 8PM Events. It’s a night of delicious delights you won’t want to miss!

Layali Zahr

We are bringing another event of pure magic and luxury- Layali Zahr! Join us on February 24th at Güngör Chef from 8:00 PM to 2:00 AM for a majestic event filled with snacks and unforgettable moments. See you there!

Here’s What We Offer

Our services include a wide range of party planning that aligns with your vision. With years of experience, we have chosen these to be our core niche –

Club Events

We are the ultimate destination for your nightclub events. Owing to our years of experience and knowledge of nightclub audiences, we ensure your night club party will be a hit.
Event Management Company in Abu Dhabi

Pool Party

Whatever you want your pool party to look like - we can do it for you. We suggest the perfect entertainment plans to give you an idea - from DJs to bands and musicians.

Dj Nights

We offer global solutions to your DJ night party planning. We have connections with the best DJs around the globe who can transform your stage into an electronic world where your audience won’t stop grooving.


Who do we work with as an event Manager in Abu Dhabi?

Hotels and Resorts: Partnering with luxury hotels and resorts in Abu Dhabi to host events in their elegant venues.
Venues: We collaborate with several event spaces, including convention centres, ballrooms, and outdoor venues, to accommodate all gatherings.
Caterers: We work with top-notch caterers to provide delicious and diverse food for events of all sizes.
Entertainment Providers: We have musicians, DJs, performers, and production companies as our partners to create exclusive experiences for our event attendees.
Decorators and Designers: We collaborate with skilled decorators and designers to enhance the event spaces.
Technology Providers: We also work with audiovisual companies and technology experts to integrate innovative music and lighting solutions and enhance the event experience.

Event Management Company in Abu Dhabi
Event Management Company in Abu Dhabi

Experienced Event Management Company in Abu Dhabi

With years of experience, Eight PM Events is the best event management company in Abu Dhabi. We specialise in creating experiences by collaborating with clients and planning from scratch. Our dedicated team ensures every detail is coordinated correctly – from venue selection to entertainment, catering, and beyond. With creativity, professionalism, and a commitment to excellence, Eight PM Events ensures to set the stage on fire with blockbuster events.

Have a Party Plan on Your Mind? Share With Us!

At 8 PM Events, we do not distinguish between small or big events. We make each project work differently and cater to our clients’ tastes. Tell us and blow your worry away.

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We are the best party planners in Abu Dhabi. Fill in the contact form if you have any questions!

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Making a splash and soaking up the fun! ☀️ This pool party was one for the books Here's a look back at all the good vibes, floaties, and poolside laughs. Don't mind us, we'll just be dreaming of these summer days all year long.

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Get ready to experience events like never before! We're brewing up something special, and we can't wait to unveil it. Stay tuned for exciting news coming soon!

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Don't miss out on Paella Night at Bravo, Abu Dhabi tomorrow, March 1st! Hosted by 8PM Events, it's a culinary delight you won't want to miss! Just 1 day left to indulge in the savory flavors! 🍲🎉 

Contact Us - + 971 50 500 8983
📩 Email - eightpmevents@gmail.com

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Don't miss out! Paella Night at Bravo, Abu Dhabi on March 1, hosted by 8PM Events! Just 2 days away! 🍲🎉

Contact Us - + 971 50 500 8983/+971 50 924 2476
📩 Email - eightpmevents@gmail.com

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Join us for Paella Night at Bravo, Abu Dhabi on March 1, hosted by 8PM Events! Indulge in mouthwatering delights! Only 3 days left! 🍲🎉

Contact Us - + 971 50 500 8983
📩 Email - eightpmevents@gmail.com

#8PMEvents #PaellaNight #AbuDhabiEvents #CulinaryDelights #FoodieFinds #EventAlert #GourmetExperience #SavorTheMoment #FoodLoversUnite #TasteOfAbuDhabi #FoodieAdventures #FlavorfulEvening #SavorTheFlavors #DeliciousDelights #Gastronomy


Our clients trust us because of our commitments, as we prioritise their needs. This dedication has formed the cornerstone of our relationship, which fosters trust and solidifies our reputation as a reliable partner!
    Tina L

    The team did an excellent job in a very professional manner in organising a pool party for my birthday. It was a huge success.

      Alizeh K

      I have hired 8 PM Events for organising a night club party. They have been very helpful and the party was a hit. They have also managed the last minute guest list. Thank You team!


        It was the most beautiful and amazing pool party I have ever seen. They know what a party animal needs. They have a good range of cocktails and food, I must say!

          John Doe

          Have worked with 8 PM Events and the outcome was astounding. I was amazed with the work and the service they offer - so professional and the best part is - they have solutions at hand.

          Need Help?


          Event management company in Abu Dhabi offers the following services –

          • Corporate events
          • Wedding events
          • Birthday parties
          • Private parties
          • Engagement parties, etc.

          The best way to choose the right event management company in Dubai is to read the reviews online. Any company with good reviews and a rating of above 4 stars is considered the best.

          The cost of hiring an event management company in Abu Dhabi is based on several factors, such as – event size, venue type, and services required, among many others.

          Hiring 8 PM Events in Abu Dhabi, UAE, has many benefits. Some of them are –

          We offer customised solutions for your events.
          Our strategies are cost-effective and align with your budget.
          We are committed to offering excellence in our services. Hence, delivering top-notch services.

          Event management companies in Abu Dhabi can handle destination events such as destination weddings, among many others.