All About 8 PM Events - Know Us!

8 PM is a Abu Dhabi based event company and we specialise in organising events that are appealing to young adults and beyond.
As the best event management company in Abu Dhabi, we focus on prioritising to deliver a smooth and memorable experience. Our essence is not only limited to providing entertainment but also fulfilling one’s soul with the ultimate bash of the moment.
At 8 PM Events, we ensure sustainable event management and provide complete transparency, which helps build trust and a strong bond between us and the clients.
We take pride in creating memorable events such as DJ nights, pool parties, etc. Our team’s attention to detail and commitment to delivering exceptional outcomes make us the best event management company in Abu Dhabi.

Our Mission

Create a dynamic and inclusive platform that fosters innovation, collaboration, and knowledge.

Our mission is to craft smooth, inventive, and well-thought-out events that exceed your expectations. We strive to create moments that last the test of time by transforming every occasion into a treasured memory.

Our Vision

to be the definitive destination for industry professionals, enthusiasts, and innovators worldwide.

At 8 PM Events, we envision a world of entertainment and fun while considering sustainability. We aim to be the catalyst for making extraordinary events that set new industry standards. In addition, we aim to provide an experience that lingers in your audience’s mind forever.

Connect With Us to Create the Extraordinary

Host nightclub parties, pool parties, and DJ nights hassle with 8 PM Events.